Test Engleskog jezika Stepen B1.2
Test Engleskog jezika Stepen B1.2
1. I opened the window?
2. My doctor _______ me I should eat less meat.
3. Peter _______ me to go to the theater with him next week.
4. Sorry, I didn’t quite _______ what you said.
5. I wish I _______ get up early every morning!
6. Jane _______ from Cambridge University with a degree in Law.
7. Hi Jenny. How’s it _______?
8. I don’t smoke now, but I _______ smoke 20 a day!
9. Paris is _______ the Eiffel Tower.
10. If I _______ earlier, I wouldn’t have been late for work.
11. JACK: Would you like me to help you? 
SUE: No it’s OK, but thanks _______.
12. The film sounded interesting, but it _______ to be really boring.
13. This time next week I _______ on the beach on holiday!
14. One argument _______ not smoking is that you save a lot of money!
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